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VASP offers a variety of logistics solutions for our customers be it Customs Clearance, Domestic and International Shipping, Forwarding, Supply Chain Logistics, Multimodal Transport, Warehousing and ICD solutions.The range of services offered by VASP includes the following–

Customs Clearance - All types of cargo at all dry ports in Delhi NCR and sea ports of JNPT, MDPT, PPSP. It is our business to ensure that our clients benefit from all the provisions made by Govt. of India For Exporters and Importers. At VASP are always eager to assist enterprising Exporters and Importers who wish to avail these advantages, guiding them through the labyrinth of Customs Procedures involved in getting these benefits through Customs / DGFT. We assist in preparing shipments and clearly explain all procedures that are to be followed. 

The complex procedure of Customs Clearance in India makes it a daunting task to accomplish. With our sound knowledge and vast experience in Customs Clearance, we guide our customers at every step of the way and ensure complete Customs Compliance with peace of mind for the customers. We strive to ensure that all shipments are accorded top priority at all times. Our team of highly experienced operations personnel ensures that your goods pass through the Customs in minimum possible time and are delivered to within the scheduled timelines.

Freight Forwarding - The process of designing and executing global logistics plans requires complex operational systems. VASP as a freight forwarder fully equipped to deal with the specific needs of our clients. Working closely with road, rail, sea and air transporters and through a co-operative and proficient network of industry experts and channel partners we deliver highly professional and efficient International Freight Forwarding solutions. Your satisfaction is our priority. We provide Realistic Solutions that are productive and flexible in nature. Collaborating with our local and overseas partners our concentrated effort is always directed towards delivering to your satisfaction.

Warehousing / Transportation - We have access to warehouses across India and can arrange space for your cargo on demand. We ensure that your cargo is in the best hands. With our vast network throughout India we can manage or make arrangements for your cargo in or out of any CFS & ICD you prefer. Our transportation infrastructure and our relation with nationwide network of key transport operators ensure safe and speedy delivery of your cargo to any part of the country.

Customized Solutions - We at VASP are always endeavoring that none of our Customers’ need go unfulfilled. Whatever your need may be in logistics sphere, we have got a solution for it. From various procedures of Customs to specialized warehousing or transportation needs, we have the men and will to cater to your any and all logistics needs. Specialized handling and storage requirements, choice of transporters, shipping lines, container train operations, dedicated Key Account Managers, customized reports, real time tracking, competitive tariff, online and EDI solutions,and many more – we have got it covered.